Windows 10 ISO Build 19546: Graphing Calculator Mode, Indexer Diagnostics

Windows 10 ISO Build 19546: Graphing Calculator Mode, Indexer Diagnostics

Download the new test build of Windows 10 Build 19546, designed for members of the Windows Insider program.

New in Windows 10 build 19546

Calculator graphical mode

Windows Insider Calculator has received a preliminary version of the graphical mode. The graphing capabilities will be useful, for example, for students who begin to study linear algebra. With the new feature, developers hope to “improve the conceptual understanding and relevance to mathematics” in the study of this subject.

Here are some examples you can try yourself with the new charting function:

Place one or more equations on the graph. Enter a few equations so that you can compare graphs with each other and see the interaction between the lines. You can also customize the line style and chart view to suit your needs.

Add equations with variables. If you enter an equation with a secondary variable (for example, “y = mx + b”), you can easily manipulate these variables to quickly understand how changes in the equation affect the graph.

Analyze the schedule. Track graphs using the mouse or keyboard to better understand the relationship between variables in an equation in a graph. Equations can also be analyzed to help identify key features of the chart, such as x and y intercepts.

Microsoft Indexer Diagnostics – an application for diagnosing search errors in Windows 10

Microsoft has released the new Indexer Diagnostics application for the Windows 10 operating system, which helps diagnose errors related to the Windows Search service.

Improvements and bug fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented any actions from appearing on the timeline.
Fixed an issue where searching in Outlook did not work for some users.
Fixed a problem that significantly affects the reliability of Task Representation for some users.
Fixed an issue where turning off spatial sound caused the Explorer.exe process to crash.

Known Issues

BattlEye and Microsoft have discovered incompatibility issues between some Insider Preview builds and certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat code. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, they will be limited to upgrading to some Windows Insider Preview builds.
Narrator and NVDA users looking for the latest Chromium-based Microsoft Edge may have some difficulty navigating and reading certain web content.
The cloud recovery option to reset the computer does not work in this assembly.
The problem reports with the update process that has been hanging for a long period of time when trying to install a new assembly are examined.
Some insiders cannot upgrade to newer builds with error 0x8007042b.
The problem reports are studied when, when connecting certain external USB 3.0 drives, they stop responding with a startup code of 10.
The disk optimization application incorrectly reports that the optimization has never been performed on some devices. Despite this, the optimization is successful even if it is not reflected in the user interface.
The “Documents” section in the “Privacy” section has an incorrect icon (just a rectangle).
Remote Desktop Connection may fail when trying to connect to multiple sessions.
Scissors application does not work on additional monitors.
The input method editor window for some East Asian languages ​​(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese IME) may sometimes not open.

Download Windows 10 build 19546

You can download ISO file below:

Download ISO file Windows 10