Windows 10 Download iso (build 19536 (19H1) December 17, 2019

Windows 10 Download iso (build 19536 (19H1) December 17, 2019

Ready to download build Windows 10 Build 19536, designed for members of the program Windows Insider.

Microsoft on Twitter reported that Build 19536 will be the last in 2019 as part of an insider program.

Microsoft changes the approach to testing Windows 10

Microsoft decided to review the development and testing processes for Windows 10 as part of the Windows Insider Program. Starting with Build 19536 on December 16, 2019, Microsoft will not associate pre-builds shipped with the Early Access channel with a specific release of Windows 10. This means that pre-builds in the quick update circle may include features that may not be available in the nearest public domain. OS version.

New in Windows 10 build 19536

Optional drivers

Microsoft continues to work to make it easier for you to see all optional updates (including drivers, feature updates, and non-security monthly quality updates) in one place. If optional updates are detected, they are displayed in the Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View Optional Updates list.

Drivers no longer need to go to Device Manager to update specific devices. Windows updates will automatically keep your drivers up to date, but if you encounter problems, one of these additional (optional) drivers may help.

Family Group Setup

Microsoft has family-friendly features that extend across various platforms such as Windows, Xbox, and Android. In Windows 10, you can configure settings for your family, such as time frames for using the device, content filters, requests for children before buying, and you can also use a shared family calendar, OneNote subscriptions, and Office 365 Home. If you use the device with your family, you can easily set up family group accounts to take advantage of all these features.

Family Group Setup

In this build, developers improve the device’s settings for use by multiple users in the family. Although Microsoft does not release an ISO for this assembly, some users who decide to reset their computer may see a screen asking who will use the device. If they choose People in my family, the system will help them tune into a family group as soon as they get to the desktop so that they are ready to work with all the features.

Other updates for insiders

The Photos function in the “Your Phone” application now allows you to view and interact with the latest 2000 photos from your Android smartphone.
“Your Phone” received support for stylus input from a Windows 10 device to a smartphone
The Windows 10 “Calls” feature is available to all users of Android 7.0 and higher (gradual distribution).

Improvements and bug fixes

The Microsoft To Do service, which allows you to plan your day and manage things, got a new installation interface.
Windows RE Recovery Environment no longer requires an administrator password to access recovery tools.
Added the ability to delete previous searches in Explorer, via the right-click menu.
Fixed an issue where the first character of your search query was reset when automatic input was turned on in the search field in Explorer.
Fixed an issue that suddenly caused the need to restart the game when an update came through the store for it.
We fixed an issue where the task manager icon did not appear in the notification area of ​​the taskbar, even if it was enabled in the settings.
Fixed a problem that could lead to a hang of the resource manager and a lack of activity on the disk.
Fixed a problem with the Vietnamese Telex keyboard when, after entering a capital letter in certain applications, the Ctrl + A key combination stopped working in this application.
Fixed an issue where the creation of a new storage pool in the user interface was not performed with the wrong parameter.
Fixed an issue where after dragging the bottom of the UWP app, resizing from below didn’t work anymore.
In this assembly, users who have previously used the Homegroup will no longer see a notification about the need to update it.
Fixed a typo in the text in the menu “Settings > Search > Search Window“.
The Downloads folder has been added to the privacy settings.
Fixed an issue where, if your device was offline, Narrator still reported that language features were available for download when switching to language settings.
Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip to not display the full text in the Settings application when you hover over text cut with ellipses.
Removed a separate Hotspot 2.0 setting in the Wi-Fi section. Now this technology is always activated when Wi-Fi is turned on.
Fixed an issue where the Bluetooth battery level displayed in the settings hung and was inaccurate.
Fixed an issue where, if you rolled back the assembly you were working on, Windows Update might still indicate the older build number in the update history section.

Known Issues

BattlEye and Microsoft have discovered incompatibility issues between some Insider Preview builds and certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat code. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, they will be limited to upgrading to some Windows Insider Preview builds.
Microsoft is looking at reports of a problem with the upgrade process hanging for a long period of time when trying to install a new assembly.
Microsoft is studying problem reports when, when certain external USB 3.0 drives are connected, they stop responding with a startup code of 10.
The disk optimization menu incorrectly reports that optimization has never been performed on some devices. Despite this, optimization is successful, even if it is not reflected in the user interface.
The “Documents” section in the “Privacy” section has a broken icon (just a rectangle).

Download Windows 10 build 19536 (Alternative Download)

You can download ISO file below:

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