Windows 10 Build 19569: New Application Icons, OneDrive Works Again

Windows 10 Build 19569: New Application Icons, OneDrive Works Again

Available for download build Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19569, designed for members of the Windows Insider program.

New in Windows 10 build 19569

New application icons

Some applications in the pre-builds of Windows 10 Insider Preview received updated icons that were previously introduced in Windows 10X.

At the moment, the following built-in applications have received new icons: Mail, Calendar, Groove Music, Cinema and TV, Calculator, Alarms and Clocks, Voice Recording.

According to Microsoft, insiders will receive even more new icons in Windows 10 in the coming months.

Improvements and bug fixes

Fixed an issue where OneDrive did not work and used a large amount of CPU resources for some insiders in the previous build.
Fixed an issue where SCSI drivers were not recognized by some third-party virtual machines, which led to c1900191 errors on these devices.
Fixed a problem that affected the reliability of the Start menu for some insiders after the update.
Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to encounter a green screen with a SYSTEMTHREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error in recent builds.

Known Issues

BattlEye and Microsoft have discovered incompatibility issues between some Insider Preview builds and certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat code. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, they will be limited to upgrading to some Windows Insider Preview builds.
Narrator and NVDA users looking for the latest Chromium-based Microsoft Edge may have some difficulty navigating and reading certain web content. NVAccess has released NVDA 2019.3, which solves this problem.
The problem reports with the update process that has been hanging for a long period of time when trying to install a new assembly are examined.
Some insiders cannot upgrade to newer builds with error 0x8007042b.
The Documents section in the Privacy section has an incorrect icon (just a rectangle).
When updating using certain languages, such as Japanese, the text on the Install Windows X% page is not displayed correctly (only fields are displayed).
Input stops working in some places if the clipboard history (WIN + V combination) is closed without pasting anything.
The cloud recovery option “Download from the cloud” for reinstalling Windows 10 does not work in this assembly.

Download Windows 10 build 19569

You can download ISO file below:

Download ISO file Windows 10