New cumulative updates for Windows 10 in February

New cumulative updates for Windows 10 in February

According to Microsoft, the “C” release of “optional updates” for all supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server will be available soon.

The fact that Windows 10 and Windows Server will receive regular updates in February, Microsoft has shared on the official Windows Message Center page.

February Tuesday patches turned out to be extremely unfortunate for the company. Immediately after the updates were released, messages first appeared that KB4532693 for Windows 10 was hiding user data and loading the wrong profile. Microsoft then confirmed the problems with updating KB4524244 for Windows 10 and “rolled back” it.

Now users should expect a new batch of fixes for all supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server. Although, this time the patches will have the status of “optional updates.”

Considering that one week is left until the end of February, we can assume that these updates will be available early next week. Windows Insider members who choose the Release Preview content type can also be the first to get them for testing.

Optional Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft releases cumulative updates on the second Tuesday of every month – such updates are known as “B” releases. Redmond can also release optional updates in the following weeks of a given month – “C” and “D” releases, respectively.

Updates “C” and “D” are preliminary releases, i.e. releases that are under testing and will be automatically delivered as part of the next Tuesday patches with security updates if the automatic update feature is not disabled.

The so-called “C” and “D” releases, when available, any Windows 10 user or Windows Server administrator can manually install in the menu Settings > Update and security > Optional updates are available. If you click Download and install now, non-security pre-release updates will be installed in a stable version of Windows.