Update KB4538461 (Build 17763.1098) for Windows 10, Version 1809

Microsoft will suspend the release of Windows 10 “optional updates” from coronovirus COVID-19 in May

Since May 2020, Microsoft will temporarily suspend the release of “optional updates” for Windows 10. Security updates will continue to be delivered on Patch Tuesday.
Microsoft will suspend the release of “optional updates” Windows 10 in May

Microsoft приостановит выпуск «необязательных обновлений» Windows 10 в мае

On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases new cumulative updates for Windows 10. These updates are required and are installed automatically if you do not start the installation manually. In the following weeks of the month, optional updates usually come out, the user decides to install them themselves. For example, today an “optional update” KB4541335 for Windows 10, versions 1909 and 1903 was released.

Installation through Windows Update
Since May 2020, Microsoft has suspended the release of optional updates – updates of categories C and D (letters indicate the week of the month, where the first week is A, the second is B, etc.). This change affects all supported Windows systems, both client and server versions, including Windows Server 2019, but only applies to optional updates. Security updates will continue to be delivered on Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft says that the company’s top priority remains “protecting users and ensuring productivity.” A few days ago, the official Redmond announced the suspension of updates for Microsoft Edge after a similar announcement from Google on the Chrome browser.

Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people work from home. This means that they rely on their home computer more than ever. Windows 10 is their “lifeline” for the outside world, for colleagues with whom they must interact and for their daily productivity.

The change does not affect optional updates that have already been installed, such as those that were released today. We should also see new optional updates to C and D in April.