Microsoft has improved optional Windows 10 updates to control the installation of new drivers

Microsoft has improved optional Windows 10 updates to control the installation of new drivers

Since February 19, Microsoft has made changes to the procedure for obtaining optional Windows 10 updates. Now you can choose whether to install driver updates or optional system updates that are not related to security.

In September 2019, we wrote that Microsoft introduced a new section, Optional Updates, in the Windows 10 Update Center, containing optional updates and driver updates that are not required for the operating system to work correctly. Recently, developers have continued experiments with installing drivers through Windows updates in insider builds.

You can access the new page in Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > View optional updates.

The new section contains all the optional updates that you can install if desired.

More options for hardware manufacturers

In the new update, Microsoft allows hardware manufacturers to add Auto or Manual tags to their drivers that determine how the package is delivered to Windows 10 machines.

If the driver is labeled Automatically, then after a while it will be delivered through Windows Update in normal mode with automatic download and installation.

This innovation allows developers to release new drivers and test them on a small group of Windows users before a full release.

By offering drivers to Windows 10 customers through the process of obtaining optional updates, we allow developers to quickly fix potential problems before a public release.

If the developer assigns the label Manual, the driver will be considered as optional and will be available exclusively in the Optional updates section.

Microsoft believes that these changes will achieve high quality drivers in a shorter period of time.

The new feature began to be delivered on stable versions of Windows 10, starting from February 19 and was implemented due to changes on the server side.

At the time of publication of visible changes on our test computer in the Windows 10 Update Center, version 1909 was not observed, but the availability of the View optional updates option may depend on the hardware components used (and the availability of new drivers for them). If you notice changes, please unsubscribe in the comments and attach a screenshot – which updates are available to you as optional.